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The Real Life Fantasy

September 14, 2014

So.... here I am, sitting with a group of talented writers, and I'm the only one whose genre is romance. One of the fellows observed, "Romance isn't realistic. As soon as that book ends, reality will creep in for the characters, and things...
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What's Afoot With Grace...

September 13, 2014

The Laird made the USA Today bestseller list! To every single one of my readers, a heartfelt thank you! The entire Captive Hearts trilogy is dear to me, but The Laird is a special book, and its good reception among readers means a lot.

I met with my publishing team at Sourcebooks, Inc., last week, and in the course of the meeting, they informed that more than a million Grace Burrowes books have sold since December 2010. Yeah, I had to do the math. That's about a sale every two minutes for nearly four straight years. Wow, and more enormous thanks to the readers!

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September 7, 2014

The Laird and his lady have received a lot of love, being named a Desert Island Keeper at All About Romance, and a top pick for September at Romance at Random. Thanks to my readers for supporting this book so enthusiastically!

The Sweetest Kisses have it covered! If you browse the website, you'll find we have fun, pretty covers for the upcoming contemporaries, Kiss and Tell (November's novella), A Kiss for Luck (December's novella), and the 2015 trilogy: A Single Kiss (Jan.), The First Kiss (Feb),  and Kiss Me Hello (Mar).

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